The “Cloche d’Or” project – a mixed development with  an innovative design combining retails outlets and high-end residential units.

The “Cloche d’Or” project – a mixed development with an innovative design combining retails outlets and high-end residential units.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015 — Located in the centre of La Grande Région (see note 1 below), and at the heart of new Luxembourg city quarter, the ambition for the site is that it will be the defining element in the development of the neighbourhood, initiated and conceptualised by Grossfeld PAP, at Le Ban de Gasperich (see note 2 below).

It will provide an exemplary mix of uses (housing, retail outlets, offices and schools) and of transport infrastructure (trains, trams, buses and motorways).

All of these features will make it an extremely attractive location (490,000 square metres of office space, 25,000 workers, give or take, and more than 2,300 new inhabitants).

An emblematic project for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

A shopping centre will be part of this comprehensive and emblematic mixed-use project. No less than 225 housing units and 120 shops will be located together in a unique architectural whole.

Much more than a shopping centre, it will also be a place visited by tourists and will be full of life, taking advantage of a unique atmosphere, full of light, spacious, making you feel good, alternating rest and zest. The high-end nature of the “Cloche d’Or” project embodies the essence of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, namely, “quality, providing service with a smile”.

Eric Mathieu, the Real Estate Director of LCO1-Immochan (see note 3 below) stresses that, “The stated goal of the Cloche d’Or project is clearly to provide to inhabitants of La Grande Région an innovative and friendly multi-functional destination. This is materialised, on the ground, by originality and the diversity, which are the stated aims for the 120 retail outlets which La Cloche d’Or will bring together for the first time in a single location in the region. This project is the best proof that the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg can and should believe in what it can achieve, in its durability and in the strengthening of its sales outlet offering”.

A unique sales outlet offering

Perfectly incorporated into the downslope of the land, the shopping centre is set out on three levels – a superstore level, a ground floor level and a first floor.

The superstore will take up a sales area of in the region of 12,500 square metres, excluding storage space, workshops and loading bays. The supermarket chain Auchan is working on an innovative concept which will come as a surprise to the Luxembourgish market, entailing an asserted avant-garde wish to differentiate itself from its competitors, thus copper-fastening its long-term establishment in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.


The Cloche d’Or shopping centre will open in the autumn of 2018. The construction of it is currently beginning, entailing an initial phase of earth-moving and deep foundation work. Constructional work to upscale road access and public infrastructure (roads, tunnels, an ecological crossing-point and a public park) has begun.

Looking forward to spring 2019, it is planned that by then all of the housing will have been built and will be ready to live in.

Philippe Provost, PMG LCO1, concludes that, “The ambition of our project is not to compete with the existing commercial offering, but rather to strengthen it and to differentiate ourselves by increasing the commercial attractiveness of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg by means of an innovative and high-end offering. The aim is to make the shopping centre a benchmark shopping centre in the exclusive circle of European shopping centres. In addition, our project provides a mix of uses which is rarely seen in a new project, since the project incorporates a new residential concept which is unique to GDL, which ensures that the district will be dynamic and lively. ”

Note 1: La Grande Région is a European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation which brings together diverse regions in four European countries neighbouring the River Rhine – Germany, Belgium, France and Luxembourg. It was the first grouping put in place in order that a single management authority be created for a European programme. It is located between rivers: the Rhine, the Moselle, the Saar and the Meuse. The purpose of La Grande Région is to improve political and economic co-operation and also to leverage partnerships between the various actors involved.

Note 2: Le Ban de Gasperich is an ideal location for a shopping centre, which will be part of a very dynamic urban context. It is strategic since it constitutes a new and the only large-scale development – after the Plateau de Kirchberg – in the city of Luxembourg and in the immediate environs of it. 

Note 3 : Founded in 1976, Immochan, the real estate subsidiary of the Auchan Group, is now one of the leading European shopping centre real estate companies, with € 639 million in turnover in 2013. Immochan has leveraged its comprehensive operator expertise around three major business activities – real estate development, sales and operation/management of assets. An overall responsibility strategy which guarantees, for its private-sector and public-sector partners, the solidity and durability of each of its projects.

KEY NUMBERS: 363 shopping centres // 14,900 retail outlet partners // 2.3 million square metres managed in shopping arcades // 1.3 million square metres in retail parks // 12 countries // 1.7 billion shoppers per annum // 800 employees