6-8 FEBRUARY 2015 : BRUSSELS EXPO – Hall 1 – 1000 BRUSSELS

From February 6th to 8th next year, Brussels will host the second edition of the Chocolate Fair on a 6,000 m² exhibition area entirely dedicated to chocolate and cocoa.

In view of the success of the first edition, which attracted almost 30,000 visitors from across the whole of Belgium, the organisers have been required to look higher and wider, and host the exhibition in Hall 1 of Brussels Expo.

Over three days, the Chocolate Fair will pay tribute to Belgian chocolate, highlighting tradition and innovation, and will reconfirm the roots of unique know-how which has conquered the entire planet.

During the fair 150 participants, including 80 exhibitors, small craftsmen and industrial chocolate-makers, will come together under the same roof to create a unique experience of discovery and of gastronomic delight. On the programme this year are even more pleasurable and educational events which will enable visitors to better understand chocolate and appreciate the magical universe of the cocoa bean.


A piece of gastronomic theatre

Everybody who loves chocolate is sure to gather around the ‘Pastry Show’ podium for direct lessons in gastronomy. The greatest chefs, pastry cooks and Belgian chocolate-makers will come and prepare their best chocolate recipes in front of the public, one after another every hour.

Here is a preview of a few of the major names who have already confirmed they will be there and who will work their magic with the wonder of chocolate during the whole of the Fair:

Joost Arijs • Benoît Dewitte, Benoît & Bernard Dewitte • Julien Lapraille, jul’ Cuisto & Candidat Top Chef 2014 • Clément PetitJean, La Grappe d’Or • Dominique Persoone • Baptiste Mandon, Le Chalet de la Forêt • Raphaël Giot, Pâtisserie Giot • Fabrice Collignon • Christophe Thomaes, Château de Mylord • Vincent Vervisch, ER PU.RE • Jean-Philippe Watteyne, I cook • Jean-Philippe Darcis, Darcis Maître Chocolatier 

Even more shows and events for young and old alike

For this second edition, the Chocolate Fair is adding to its programme of activities and is inaugurating a new conference and tasting zone, Chocosphere, for those visitors who wish to find out more about the news and what goes on behind the scenes in planet chocolate.  Chocolate and health, the history of chocolate, cocoa and fair trade, innovations and discoveries in cocoa… visitors will be able to discover the universe of chocolate and all its secrets through conference-tastings presented by connoisseurs and experts in cocoa, like Ethicable and Valrona.

For its part, the Chocoland zone will provide even more amusement for the young, with two workshops in partnership with the ‘Route du Chocolat Belge’.

Every day, these recreational and playful workshops will plunge the up-and-coming young food-lovers into a world of chocolate where they will transform themselves into genuine artists of taste.

And we should not of course forget:

  • the famous chocolate dress fashion parade with exclusive creations by duos of Belgian and international chocolate-makers and fashion stylists, on the theme of the ‘20th Anniversary of the Chocolate Fair’
  • the cultural exhibitions with the Chocolate Museums of Brussels and Bruges and the Defroidmont Museum of Chocolate-Making, which will give visitors a real immersion into the history of cocoa and of Belgian chocolate
  • the pastry-making workshops dedicated to passing on know-how, presented by chocolate-makers Concept Chocolate and Darcis, Master Chocolate-Maker.
  • the chocolate bookshop in partnership with Filigranes, with signing sessions by the chefs and authors present at the Fair
  • the unprecedented chocolate project presented by the students of the Executive Master Food Design of the Brussels Fine Arts Academy.


The Chocolate Fair is the largest worldwide fair dedicated to chocolate.

Founded 20 years ago in Paris by Sylvie Douce and François Jeantet, it takes place in the great cities of the world: Paris, New York, Tokyo, Moscow, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, Lima, Salvador de Bahia, London, Zürich…

Brussels now represents a landmark date among the European editions.

Praised by market experts and chocolate-lovers, the World Chocolate and Cocoa Show now represents a national and international event. But more than just an event, for the Chocolate Fair is the link between those who grow cocoa and those who eat chocolate.

Gastronomic News

Be the first to discover the surprises and innovations which the exhibitors will unveil to delight the taste-buds of the visitors….

Who said that chocolate and sustainable development can’t go hand-in-hand, along with respect for the small producers? Ethiquable, a cooperative company specialising in 100% bio chocolate sourced from fair trade production, will present its great vintages from 5 different origins, of which the last 98% Ecuador Esmreldas. (Els – I don’t know what this means – Tim)

In 1915, Louise Agostini, the wife of Jean Neuhaus, had the idea of developing a refined box capable of elegantly and delicately containing praline chocolates like little jewels. The chocolate box was born. This box is today an integral part of the history of chocolate and the Neuhaus company will celebrate 100 years of the chocolate box at the fair, via a number of surprises.

Visitors will be able to discover the universe of Benoït Nihant, in particular through his new book ‘From the Cocoa-bean to Chocolate’. Benoït Nihant is one of those rare chocolate-makers who practices his art from the selection of the cocoa beans to the elaboration of the little gems he prepares in his Liège workshops.

The Chocolate Fair is an event created, organised and publicised by:

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Creators and Commissioners: Sylvie Douce and François Jeantet


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